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What is it?

Product stewardship is about making sure everyone, from designers, manufacturers and suppliers, to those who use and dispose of products, share the responsibility for minimising the damage that can be done to the environment and human health at each stage of a product’s lifecycle.

It’s about better designs that use more sustainable and less hazardous materials, manufacturing that minimises waste, pollution and carbon emissions, more efficient recycling, environmentally friendly disposal of what can’t be recycled, and enabling users to engage with safer, easier and sustainable ways to dispose of old products.

The Australian Federal Government’s Product Stewardship Act came into effect on 8 August 2011. Under the Act, the government sets standards and targets for good product stewardship, and is implementing mandatory, co-regulatory and voluntary regulations for manufacturers, importers, retailers, recyclers, waste disposal companies and users. It is the first of sixteen strategies to be implemented under the 2009 National Waste Policy.

The National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme is the first co-regulatory scheme to be implemented under the Act. Under it, large manufacturers and importers (liable parties) have to become a member of an approved co-regulatory arrangement (such as EPSA), through which they pay for the recycling of the same amount of TVs and computers that they manufacture or import each year.

Televisions and computers are the first to be targeted because they are the fastest-growing e-waste stream. If you are a liable party and need to join a co-regulatory arrangement, EPSA has the experience and expertise to provide excellent, cost-effective services that are 100% compliant.

EPSA already meets the most stringent product stewardship regulations and accreditations in the world today. Our parent company, Sims Recycling Solutions, operates in markets such as Canada and Europe, where e-waste and environmental regulations are stringent and are indeed being used as the foundation for Australian regulation. We are pioneers in e-waste recycling and management that helps organisations meet their CSR responsibilities cost-effectively and confidently, and that supports good product stewardship.

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