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E-waste Recycling Process

If you’ve ever tried to dismantle a computer completely, or get the housing off a TV, you’ll know that they’re not always such easy things to take apart. At our specialist recycling facilities, we use the most efficient techniques to break down your e-waste. Our fully automated mechanical e-waste shredding and separation process is safe and efficient and, where that’s not an option, manual dismantling is carried out by our fully trained personnel. Either way, the end result is clean, high quality raw materials such as steel, plastic, copper, aluminium etc. that can be reused to manufacture new products.

With old TVs and computer monitors, manual dismantling is the preferred process in order to liberate all commodity streams. Specifically, the cathode ray tube (CRT) is removed from its plastic (or in some cases, wooden) housing, so that the CRT glass element can be carefully recycled by a preferred downstream partner. CRTs contain toxic substances like lead, so they need to be broken down in a way that is safe both for our recycling staff and the environment.

Computers, printers, keyboards, and other associated e-wastes that don’t contain glass are mainly shredded through our mechanical e-waste shredding and separation process. This involves the efficient and safe use of technology to size, reduce and separate the products into commodity streams of plastic, copper, aluminium, steel etc. These commodity streams are then sent to final destinations for smelting and / or refining.

Ours is a fast-growing green industry, and one that you can help support. Bringing your e-waste to EPSA helps us to help more manufacturers meet their product stewardship obligations.

More e-waste means we can generate more high-quality recycled material, so more manufacturers will be able to use recycled rather than virgin materials.

Growing the market for recycled commodities is good for sustainable technology, good for the planet – and good for your conscience.


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