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E-waste we accept

Under the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme, we are only able to accept specific types of e-waste. Acceptable e-waste is:

  • Televisions – any type and of any age
  • Desktop computers
  • Laptops
  • Notebooks and tablets
  • Computer monitors
  • TV and computer-related cables and power adapters
  • Remote controls
  • Peripherals, such as
    • mice
    • keyboards
    • webcams
    • tablets
    • joysticks
    • other input devices
    • USB hubs
    • printers of any kind
    • scanners
    • multifunction devices (e.g. all-in-one printer/fax/scanner)
    • PC sound systems
    • PC speakers
    • PC microphones and headsets
  • Computer components, such as
    • CPUs
    • hard drives (internal or external)
    • floppy disk drives
    • motherboards
    • video, game and soundcards
    • power supplies
    • monitors
    • DVD and CD drives

“Please save and remove all data and personal information prior to dropping off your products. Once dropped off, we cannot return your items”.

If you have electronic products not listed above, they can still be recycled. Please call Sims Recycling Solutions on 1300 E RECYCLE (1300 3732 9253) to find out about drop-off and collection services near you.

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